OK Tyre Factory Tour 2015

2015.09.24 476 Font size

OK Tyre, one of the largest tire retailers and service providers in Canada, took their first group trip to China to see the inner workings of Blacklion. 

Qingdao welcomed the 19 attendees by first visiting Rubber Valley, located in Sifang, where they were given an introduction to the different organizations (Mesnac, Sailun Group, Chinese Rubber Industry Association) that make a large impact on the Rubber and Tire industry in China. 

A portion of the tour entailed a Blacklion introductory presentation outlining the advanced equipment, quality and technological process controls, high quality materials, and after-sales support used to develop a product unlike its competitors.OK Tyre attendees opened up at the end to discuss the advantages of Blacklion as well as the current success from their past year with the brand.

As is customary for new Qingdao arrivals, the group toured the Qingdao Beer Museum to taste the number one beer in China. After getting their customized Qingdao Beer bottle and a few cheeky beers, the group headed off to Guangrao for the evening to prepare for the next day's factory tour.

The factory tour is always the highlight of customer trips to China. What we find with many people who tour the factory is they have many years of experience within the tire industry, but have yet to see how tires are actually created. OK Tyre reps were introduced to the entire production process from the quality and process control system and testing of raw materials, to the different production and testing stages that go into developing Blacklion. 

Later that afternoon the group hit the road back to Qingdao for their final dinner at the Westin downtown. The next stage of the trip took the group around Beijing where they could take in the Chinese history and culture of the region.